Jillian and the Grocery Store

I’ve recently discovered that I really enjoy documenting events or experiences through photography.  Less portrait, more as life happens.  As a result, you’ll probably see more and more of this type of work on my blog as I practice this skill set.

Today my babysitter called in sick and so it was just me and Jillian while her older sisters were at camp.  It was so nice spending the day with her!  I haven’t taken her to the store in quite awhile since I usually stop on my way home from work.   I think we both had fun (although she likes to stand up in the cart and that makes me very nervous!).  Here are some pictures from our trip to the store today!

Swim Meet

Last summer when we joined the Bloomfield Open Hunt Club, Olivia didn’t know how to swim.  Half way through the summer, she was on the swim team.  When this summer started, Caroline wouldn’t put her head under water – and now SHE is on the swim team.  Silly as it sounds, I cry a little at every meet because of the team spirit, the amazing people, the kids trying so hard and just the all around GOOD feelings there.  Steve and I feel SO blessed to be part of  such a wonderful community.

This week I took some pictures for the club at the swim meet against Forest Lake Country Club.  Here are some of my favorites.


kristie - August 6, 2012 - 1:14 AM

Holly, these are all fantastic!!! They capture the spirit of the swim team exactly as you described it!!

C o n t a c t   M e