Thanks for getting to know me!

The recipe that eventually led to my passion for photography went something like this:

Start with a husband in 2004 (Steve), add in an Olivia in 2006 (my little twin), a sweet Caroline in 2007 (brown eyes, curly hair and all) and follow up with a little Jilly bean  (Jillian, also known as the one who completed our family).  Sprinkle in some corporate America (my day job in finance) to spice things up a bit.  Decide in 2011 that you want to document your life, the one that is racing by a lightning speed. 

I am a photography hobbyist who loves taking pictures of my children, my friends, my life and share here on my blog.  Thank you for checking out my work and allowing me to share my love of photography with you!

Colleen - March 29, 2012 - 8:04 PM

Talented! So very talented!

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